01664nbm0a2200337 450 BNI000795420070131163147.0IT2005-3576TTD200720060215d2003 |||y0itay50 baengITm 00|||Mitochondria in hepatocarcinogenesis by 2-acetylaminofluoreneinhibition of the permeability transition pore as a tumor-promoting eventph. d. thesis in molecular and cellular biology and pathology, 16. cyclecoordinator: Daniela Pietrobonsupervisor: Paolo Bernardicandidate: Maria Eugenia Soriano Garcìa-Cuerva2003.1 v.In testa al front.: University of Padova, Department of biomedical sciences616.0721PATOLOGIABIO/12Biochimica clinica e biologia molecolare clinicaSoriano Garcìa-Cuerva, Maria EugeniaBNIV012672Pietrobon, DanielaBNIV002420Bernardi, Paolo <1953- >BNIV003444Università degli studi <Padova> : Dipartimento di scienze biomedicheBNIV012065University <Padova> : Department of biomedical sciencesBNIV012066Università degli studi <Padova> : Dipartimento di scienze biomedicheITBNI20100111RICAdBibl. Nazionale Centrale FirenzeCFTDR 2004 02807CF9804028075 20160705TDR 2004 02807NBibl. Nazionale Centrale Di Firenze CFTDR 2004 02807 CFTVD980402807 L NOFORTE CFTDTD