01777nam0a22003373i 450 BVE010557120201210231750.0SBN19961128d1996 ||||0itac50 baengitz01i xxxe z01nSurvey of simulation models of plant diseaseEuropean school of climatology and natural hazards, A course on climate change impact on agriculture and forestryVolterra, Pisa, Italy, 16-24 march 1996by L. Seghi, S. Orlandini, B. Gozzini[Firenze]Ce.S.I.A.[1996?]167 p.23 cmManuale tecnico Ce.S.I.A21In testa al front.: F.M.A., Applied meteorology foundation; Ce.S.I.A., Centre for computer science application in agriculture; I.A.T.A.-C.N.R., Institute of agrometeorology and environmental analysis for agriculture; European Commission, Directorate general for science, research and development.CFI0296901CFI0296901Manuale tecnico Ce.S.I.A21PianteMalattieFIRCFIC005134I581.2PATOLOGIA VEGETALE20Gozzini, BernardoBVEV038819Orlandini, SimoneBVEV038820Seghi, LorenzoBVEV043572ITIT-FI009819961128IT-FI0098 IT-FI0101 Bibl. Nazionale Centrale Di Firenze1 v.1 v. CFGEN B 10 02813CF 005282073 A VMB 1 v.GEN B10 0281319970618Biblioteca Marucelliana1 v.1 v. MFMAR B 0 05347MF 000854960 A VMB 1 v.MAR B0 0534719961129 CF MFBKBK