01910nam2a2200349 i 450 IEI010318220211126005123.08886712294SBN19970210d1996 ||||0itac50 baengitafreitz01i xxxe z01n<<9: The >>Neolithic in the Near East and Europeedited by Renata Grifoni Cremonesi, Jean Guilaine, Jean L'Helgouac'hForlìA.B.A.C.O.[1996]114 p.ill.24 cmContiene: Colloquium 17.: The processes of neolithisation and the development of neolithic cultures in large geographical areas: Anatolia and the Near East; the Aegean and the Balkans; the central Danubian area and the black lands; the Loess areas and northern Europe; the Western Mediterranean; Colloquium 18.: MegalithismIn testa al front.: International union of prehistoric and protohistoric sciences.IEI0103169IEI0103169<<The >>colloquia of the 13. International congress of prehistoric and protohistoric sciencesForlì (Italia), 8-14 September 19969L'Helgouac'h, JeanBVEV045485Grifoni Cremonesi, RenataCFIV107320Guilaine, JeanMILV071815International congress of prehistoric and protohistoric sciences <13. ; 1996 ; Forlì>IEIV045011Grifoni Cremonesi, R.SBNV079062Grifoni Cremonesi, RenataGrifoni, RenataSBNV079063Grifoni Cremonesi, RenataITIT-FI009819970210IT-FI0098 Bibl. Nazionale Centrale Di Firenzev. 1-2; 6-7; 9-13; 15-16; 18-v. 1-2; 6-7; 9-13; 15-16; 18- CFCONT C 0 04006CF 005260823 A VMB v. 9CONT C0 0400619970210 CFBKBK