01185nam0a22002893i 450 MIL078109420201210235552.09788895651064SBN20121203d2009 ||||0itac50 baengitz01i xxxe z01nDesigning designers: offices and workplaces for knowledge workersinternational conference of University courses in design 2008edited by Francesco Scullica, Anne Schoonbrodtwith texts by Alpay Er ... [et al.]MilanoPoli.design2009XIV, 114 p.ill.21 cmAtti del convegno tenuto a Milano.Scullica, Francesco <1964- >CFIV176036Schoonbrodt, AnneMILV334721International Conference of University courses in design <2008 ; Milano>MILV334720070ITIT-FI009820121203IT-FI0098 Bibl. Nazionale Centrale Di Firenze CFGEN B 32 7739CF 006321722 A VMB 1 v.GEN B32 077392012120320121203 CFBKBK