01097nam0a22002891i 450 PUV093973020220529004741.0SBN20071011d1968 ||||0itac50 baenggbz01i xxxe z01nPagan and Christian in an age of anxietysome aspects of religious experience from Marcus Aurelius to Constantineby E. R. DoddsCambridgeat the University Press1968XII, 144 p.23 cmNell'occhietto: The Wiles Lectures given at the Queen's University, Belfast, 1963.Dodds, E. R.CFIV080827Dodds, Eric R.CFIV231451Dodds, E. R.Dodds, E.R.CFIV362969Dodds, E. R.Dodds, Eric RobertsonCFIV362970Dodds, E. R.ITIT-FI009820071011IT-FI0101 Biblioteca Marucelliana1 v.1 v. MFCL 3.i.815MF 001000551 A VMB 1 v.CL.3.i.81520071011 MFBKBK