01377nam2a22002893i 450 RML013965720230226032428.0SBN20040505d2004 ||||0itac50 baenggbz01i xxxe z01n<<9.2: >>Ancient roman topography and architecture. 2, Drawings by Montano and early seventeenth-century draughtsmen by Ian Campbell with contributions by Lynda Fairbairn and David HemsollLondon: H. Millerc2004P. 431-768ill.29 cm.TO00574340TO00574340<<A: >>Antiquities and Architecture9.2Campbell, Ian <1953- >RMLV056977Fairbairn, LyndaCFIV166867Hemsoll, DavidRMLV056978ITIT-FI009820040505IT-FI0098 IT-FI0101 Bibl. Nazionale Centrale Di Firenzev- Serie A (9 v.); Serie B (12 v.) (varie edizioni o copie) CFCONT D 0 1050CF 005750089 A VMB v. 9.2 (serie A)CONT D0 010502004051020170213Biblioteca Marucellianav.9.3v.9.1-9.3 MFCONT A 0 00120MF 0010106150009 A VMB v.9.2CONT A0 00120 920081204 CF MFBKBK