02431nam 2200241 n 450 TD12029482TDMAGDIG20190501d2011------k--ita-50----ba itLe Città fenicie di Sardegna: indagini stratigrafiche dall'insediamento di SulkyTesi di dottoratoUniversita' degli studi di Sassari2011-02-17In relazione con http://eprints.uniss.it/5030/tesi di dottoratoL-OR/06 Archeologia fenicio-punicaUniversita' degli studi di SassariThis survey aims to provide a synthesis of acquisitions on Phoenician cities in Sardinia, through an in-depth study of relevant publications and a stratigraphical survey of a room located in the Sulky site, which is the most ancient Phoenician settlement discovered so far. The first section is dedicated to the pre-colonial age and to the differentiation of settlement methods, with a contrastive approach in the analysis of the latter and the coming of Levantine settlers. An analysis of Phoenician cities follows, schematized on a geographical basis, with particular attention for the Sulky area and the Sant'Antioco settlement. The second section focuses on unpublished data and the stratigraphical analysis of the area, through a dedicated study on the settlement phases which affected the "II G" environment. Data suggest a fundamental continuity of urban life in the Sulky area, which played a vital role since its pre-historical origin, flourishing as a trade and exchange hub, mostly during the Iron Age and the Archaic Period, and became a city, in the true sense of the word, during the VIII century B.C. Through stratigraphical excavations, which showed that the site was colonized and abandoned several times during the different ages, it was possible to understand and define several building techniques, reported with a diachronic approach, and to shed some light on the course of daily routines, through the analysis of the instrumentum domesticum. 11926919/application/pdfL-OR/06Archeologia fenicio-punicaTDRUnali, AntonellaBartoloni, PieroITIT-FI0098http://memoria.depositolegale.it/*/http://eprints.uniss.it/5030/1/Unali_A_Citt%C3%A0_fenicie_di_Sardegna.pdfhttp://eprints.uniss.it/5030/1/Unali_A_Citt%C3%A0_fenicie_di_Sardegna.pdfCFTDTD