01111nam0a22002893i 450 UBO330918720220924005435.09788880867401SBN20081117d2007 ||||0itac50 baitaitz01i xxxe z01nNew archaeological and papyrological researches on the Fayyumproceedings of the International meeting of egyptology and papyrology, Lecce, June 8th- 10th 2005edited by Mario Capasso and Paola DavoliGalatinaCongedo2007372 p.ill.24 cm.Papyrologica Lupiensia14AQ10006159AQ10006159Papyrologica Lupiensia14Capasso, Mario <1951- >CFIV023049Davoli, PaolaVEAV035012ITIT-FI009820081117IT-FI0098 Bibl. Nazionale Centrale Di Firenze1 v.1 v. CFGEN C 21 07374CF 006051828 A VMB 1 v.GEN C21 0737420081117 CFBKBK