01519ncm0a22003613i 450 UBO423389720230226034251.09790215324138 SBNCH238 20170726d2016 ||||0itac50 baitZ z01d axxe z01nSelected works from the London and Dresden manuscripts(12 suites-8 individual pieces) for guitarSylvius Leopold Weisstranscription by Paolo ChericiBolognaUt Orpheus2016XII, 129 p.32 Paolo Cherici collectionselected works for guitar and lutePrefazione in lingua italiana e inglese.BCT0037629BCT0037629Paolo Cherici collectionselected works for guitar and lute787.8FAMIGLIA DEL LIUTO A PLETTRO15rWeiss, Silvius LeopoldSBLV220189Cherici, PaoloSBLV138904Weiss, Sylvius LeopoldCFIV222820Weiss, Silvius LeopoldWeiss, Leopold SilviusREAV173250Weiss, Silvius LeopoldWeiss, Leopold SylviusREAV173251Weiss, Silvius LeopoldITIT-FI009820170726IT-FI0098 Bibl. Nazionale Centrale Di Firenze CFN.MUS C 1 1110CF 006668521 F MMB 1 v.N.MUS C1 011102017072620170726 CFMSMS