To his excellency the Count of Czernichew, commander in chief of her majesty the empress of all the Russias fleet and Gallies ... this map of the present seat of war, between the Russians, Poles, and Turks / is most humbly inscribed by Andrew Dury ; compiled by A. Dury and P. Bell ; J. Caldwal scul. ; T. W. Tueur inv.t
Scala [1:1700000 ca.], 160 Russian Wersts 105 to a degree=[10,4 cm]
1 c. geogr. in 2 fogli : limiti color., montata su tela a stacchi ; 86x64 cm ciascun foglio.

Digitalizzazione. | Lingua: | Paese: Regno Unito. | BID: CFIE025560
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Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale - Firenze 005766074 1 c. PALAT Carte mil. 26 Mon. antica o rara prestito escluso