[Memoirs of the kings of France, of the race of Valois. Interspersed with interesting anecdotes. To wich is added, a tour through the western, southern, and interior provinces of France in a series of letters. By Nath.l Wraxall, jun.r esq]. 1
xii, 396 p
Segnatura: π² a⁴ B-2B⁸ 2C⁶.
p.ng .-of isto Paat (3) 1777 (R)

Libro. | Lingua: Inglese ; Francese. | Paese: Regno Unito. | BID: CFIE053840
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Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale - Firenze 003991199 v. 1 OLSCH 275 Mon. antica o rara prestito escluso