Cafiso, Alessandra
Molecular screening for Midichloria bacteria in hard and soft ticks (Acari: Ixodida). [Articolo]
Department of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety (VESPA), 2016-06-06

Ticks can harbor complex and highly variable microbial communities. Among these microorganisms,there are important pathogens of humans and animals that can be transmitted through the blood meal.Less is known about the other members of the microbial community of Ixodida, those that do not causeovert diseases. Among these, Midichloria mitochondrii, symbiont of the tick Ixodes ricinus, is the firstdescribed member of the family Midichloriaceae, order Rickettsiales. This bacterium is present in 100%females and is vertically transmitted (Sassera, 2008). The possibility of horizontal transmission issuggested by serological and molecular analyses showing positivity of mammalian blood and sera to M.mitochondrii (Mariconti, 2012; Bazzocchi, 2013). However, its role is still unknown. Recent reports areexpanding the view of this family, now including bacteria of great biological and medical interest,indicating a widespread distribution with an increasing range of hosts, with ticks being stronglyrepresented (Epis, 2008).Here we present a molecular screening of 17 tick species (for a total of 92 individuals), detecting andquantifying bacteria closely related to M. mitochondrii in seven of them, including the first report of amidichloriacea in a soft tick species, Ornithodoros maritimus. Based on sequence identity andphylogenetic analysis we propose that these bacteria could constitute the genus Midichloria. Theperformed screening highlights different prevalence levels in different tick species including one, Ixodesaulacodi, where the bacteria is present in all examined individuals, like in I. ricinus. This result promptsus to hypothesize different roles of Midichloria bacteria in different tick species.

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Sorgente: International Journal of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety; V. 3 N. 1s (2016)
Sorgente: International Journal of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety; Vol 3 No 1s (2016)
Sorgente: 2283-3927
2283-3927 | 10.13130/2283-3927/7023
Serra, Valentina
Plantard, Olivier
Bazzocchi, Chiara

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