Fronzi, Giacomo
De gustibus, or How Philosophy and Aesthetics can Reflect on Food [Articolo]
Università degli Studi di Milano, 2016-07-30

This paper recreates some of the most relevant theoretical moments of the development of philosophical analysis of issues about food, nutrition, gastronomy and cuisine, in particular: (1) cognitive approach proposed by Carolyn Korsmeyer; (2) the reflection of Jèssica Jaques, who has been focusing on two aspects: what she called “Gustatory Philosophy” and “Aesthetics of Gastronomy”; (3) the main theses proposed by Nicola Perullo, who has introduced in Italy the aesthetics of food intended as a philosophical discipline.

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Sorgente: Itinera; N. 11 (2016); 132-164
Sorgente: Itinera; No 11 (2016); 132-164
Sorgente: 2039-9251
2039-9251 | 10.13130/2039-9251/7427

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