De Salvo, Maria
Razionalità e stabilità delle preferenze espresse negli esperimenti di scelta. Una verifica mediante le alternative decoy [Articolo]
Firenze University Press, 2010-07-07

This paper reports on an empirical test aimed at verifying rationality of stated preferences in choice experiments. The test has been conducted by overlapping two applications of choice experiments. The former has been set up according standard practice. The latter has been set up and implemented by including choice tasks with decoy alternatives. The design of the test allowed to identify in the sample a signifcant proportion of respondents with anomalies in their stated preferences, to classify these anomalies, to search for their possible causes, and to assess their effects on willingness to pay estimates.

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Sorgente: Aestimum; Aestimum 56 (2010); 31-58
Sorgente: 1724-2118
Sorgente: 1592-6117
1724-2118. | 1592-6117 | 10.13128/Aestimum-8570
Signorello, Giovanni

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