Teutli León, M.
Diagnostico de intemperismo en la catedral de puebla [Articolo]
Restauro Archeologico, 2016-02-10

This paper presents a physicochemical approach to diagnose basalt weathering at Cathedral of Puebla facade, building located at downtown Puebla, which was built in the XVII century and has the particularity of having three sides exposed to the action of rain, wind and sun. Applied methodology included physical inspection of the building, collection of weathered samples, which were grounded, mixed with distilled water to prepare an analytical sample, determined physicochemical parameters allowed to discriminate which anions are causing basalt weathering. 

In relazione con: https://oaj.fupress.net/index.php/ra/article/view/1930/1930
Sorgente: Restauro Archeologico; Vol. 22 No. 1 (2014); 125-137
Sorgente: Restauro Archeologico; V. 22 N. 1 (2014); 125-137
Sorgente: 2465-2377
Sorgente: 1724-9686
2465-2377. | 1724-9686
oai:ojs2.oaj.fupress.net:article/1930. | 10.13128/RA-17957
Madrid Báez, P.N.
Jiménez Suárez, G.
Tenorio Téllez, L.M.
Sánchez Hernández, A.

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