Padoa Schioppa, Caterina
Memorie dal sottosuolo. Strategie di riciclo nei paesaggi minerari del Sulcis-Iglesiente [Articolo]
Firenze University Press, 2019-04-15

Brownfields, greyfields and greenfields — as wastelands are today commonly catalogued — have grown exponentially in the last half-century, almost as much as urban sprawl. Since the early 1990s most thoughtful landscape architects, urban planners and architects have acknowledged the transformative potential of those territories. The paper addresses this theme from a theoretical and experimental point of view, focusing in the legacy left by a long history of mining exploitation in the Sulcis-Iglesiente area in Sardinia.

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Sorgente: Ri-Vista. Research for landscape architecture; Vol. 16 No. 2 (2018): Energy and Landscape; 144-159
Sorgente: Ri-Vista; V. 16 N. 2 (2018): Energy and Landscape; 144-159
Sorgente: 1724-6768
1724-6768 | 10.13128/RV-24898

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