Magliocco, Adriano
Energy producing capacity of the territory: considerations and a micro wind power case study [Articolo]
Firenze University Press, 2011-04-19

One of the strategies used to exploit renewable energy resources is that of distributed microgeneration. It is necessary to integrate the dominant, but scarcely efficient, photovoltaic technology with others able to exploit the resources available throughout the territory. Micro wind power has entered into the market of integrated building systems thanks to a gradual renewal of local legislation. The complexity of predictive mechanisms for this technology dictates the utilisation of auxiliary design tools. Technological innovation must be stimulated by experiments that create a demand for self-production, a sort of savings for the local people and development of the entire community. This is all about a process at different scales commencing at the urban planning phase.

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Sorgente: TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment; TECHNE 1 (2011): Beyond the crisis; 104-109
Sorgente: 2239-0243
2239-0243 | 10.13128/Techne-9442
Poggi, Francesco

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