De Paoli, Orio
Parallel changes: design as a model and approach to the environment (interdisciplinary concept) [Articolo]
Firenze University Press, 2017-08-04

Different disciplines in one design: cultural and scientific background In an interdisciplinary approach to territorial analysis, a series of models applicable to both the technical and humanistic sectors can be developed. The subject matter is one of the ideas which emerged from a study on the analysis of hydraulic mills as resource indicators (Candura and De Paoli, 2006), which revealed the importance of design as a model, given its evident multi-scalar applicability. In short, the study subject is the impact of human intervention on the territory, and the approach consists of joint architectural and geographic vision. The outcome highlights the importance of designing a transdisciplinary style (i.e.: creating a new single design framework which goes beyond the individual disciplinary prospects), the meanings of the interdisciplinary concept (combining knowledge and methods from different discipline) and multidisciplinary concept (different disciplines that work together despite maintaining their own approaches and methods) having already been acquired.

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Sorgente: TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment; TECHNE 13 (2017): Theories Practice Design; 126-133
Sorgente: 2239-0243
2239-0243 | 10.13128/Techne-19733

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