Gargiulo, Carmela
Una lettura dei processi di valorizzazione in atto nelle realtà urbane [Tesi di dottorato]

This paper pays attention to the processes of increase in value of urban systems, and represents the first phase of a wider research. The processes of increase in value of urban system are the result of a supplemented set of actions directed to create the conditions so that the different components of urban system can acquire or increase their value. This research intends to arrive at the construction of a methodological path, to individualize strategies of increase in value of urban system, and at its application on a concrete case. For this reason, the research sets up a cognitive outline of the most significant national and international experiences about the increase in value of urban system, and individualizes different typologies of interventions that can increase the value and whole quality of the urban system. In the light of the carried out work, the paper presents a first result of research: the reading of the most significant experiences of the increase in value of urban ambits that already have been realized or are being carried out in Italy and Europe. This paper is articulated in an introduction to the theme and a review of some cases study.

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Travascio, Loredana C.
De Ciutiis, Fiorella

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