Mannia, Sebastiano
Il Pastoralismo sardo nella dimensione euro-mediterranea: analisi antropologica e questioni economico-sociali [Tesi di dottorato]
Universita' degli studi di Sassari, 2011-02-25
This research work examines the anthropological and socio-economic dynamics of the practice of pastoralism in Sardinia in relation to the Euro-Mediterranean context. As evidenced in the literature review, there has been a significant lack of research on this topic over the past twenty years. This justifies the descriptive and interpretative nature of the present study as well as highlighting its relevance to the contemporary moment. Here, an investigation of the political, economic and socio-cultural processes after WWII is followed by an analysis of current issues concerning pastoralism, with special attention to the question of the price of milk, and the consequences of the Bluetongue epidemics. These, together with other relevant processes such as the practice of sheep farming within current EU farming schemes, the generational discontinuity in the agricultural sector, with the ensuing need for migrant workers in the local firms, the transition from manual to mechanical and technological work, the impact of globalisation (especially of economic globalisation) have contributed to a reorganisation of the traditional pastoral system. As a result, a new model of shepherd, and a new form of pastoralism have emerged..
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Satta, Maria Margherita
Atzori, Mario
M-DEA/01 - Discipline demoetnoantropologiche

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