Amadesi, Barbara <1971>
Conservazione della biodiversità nelle zone umide italiane mediante un approccio di 'systematic conservation planning' [Tesi di dottorato]
Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, 2013-07-26T07:59:38Z

The creation of conservation areas is one of the main tools to response to biodiversity loss but the effectiveness of existing systems in representing biodiversity needs to be assess. This thesis aims to evaluate, by a Systematic Conservation Planning approach, the effectiveness of the Protected Areas System and Natura 2000 to represent biodiversity in the italian wetlands and the impact of future climate change on long-term conservation of biodiversity within existing systems. The results showed that the current Protected Areas System is inadequate in assuring the waterbirds conservation, while the Natura 2000 network is more representative, and a potential loss of efficacy by both systems in ensuring the long-term conservation under climate change.

diritti: © Barbara Amadesi, 2013
93 p. : ill.
Malavasi, Stefano
Baccetti, Nicola
Rondinini, Carlo

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