Sechi, Marilena
La Viabilità romana nel Marghine e Meilogu della Sardegna tra le stationes di Hafa e Molaria [Tesi di dottorato]
Università degli studi di Sassari, 2012-02-27

The objective of the present research is to investigate the road conditions in the Roman period between the Sardinian areas of Marghine and Meilogu, connecting the so-called <i>stationes</i> of <i>Molaria</i> and <i>Hafa</i>. <i>Molaria</i> and <i>Hafa</i> are mentioned in the <i>Itinerarium Antonini</i> as stop off places along the road to <i>Tibulas Karalis</i>, the main road of Sardinia that must roughly trace the same route of the road leading to <i>Karalibus Turrem</i>, marked on the milestones. <br>As far as <i>Molaria</i> is concerned, the theory of its correspondence with the village of Mulargia, a settlement in the municipality of Bortigali, is widely accepted. This is also suggested by the resemblance of the two place names.</br> In contrast, there is an open debate about the location of <i>Hafa</i>. According to the prevailing theory, although not conclusive, <i>Hafa</i> was located in the suburbs of Mores nearby a Roman settlement, along the road to <i>Karalibus Olbiam</i>, a fork in the road to <i>Karalibus Turrem</i>. <br>The aims of the present study are the following: firstly, to examine and reconstruct the important stretch of road between <i>Molaria</i> and <i>Hafa</i>; secondly, to analyse the state of minor roads and the relationship between road networks and settlements in the area nearby the traced route, through the use of bibliographical, archival, cartographical, toponymic and oral sources.</br> The research involves carrying out direct investigation on the ground to identify the place of discovery of milestones, the findings of roadbed and infrastructure, the settlement areas in the Roman period; finally it also requires the use of <i>GPS</i> for data geo referencing and the application of <i>GIS</i> for their management and processing.

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