Pezzin, Alessandro
Nota a sentenza. Un tipo di testo giuridico a cavallo tra scritti applicativi e scritti dottrinali [Tesi di dottorato]

Nota a sentenza (literally note to judgement) is one of the various texts of Italian jurisprudence. It’s a commentary of a judgement which has been selected for its subject and the juridical implications of the decision that it contains. Note a sentenza and annotated judgements are usually published jointly in law scientific and professional journals, forming one of the main study and professional adjournment tools in jurisprudence. The purpose of this study is to describe nota a sentenza text (according to its lexical, morphological, syntactical and textual features) and its position among Italian law texts. This second aim comes from the assumption – supported by those few law and linguistics researchers that have already studied nota a sentenza – that nota a sentenza would be, juridically and linguistically, a “hybrid” text, since it would have features descending whether from judgements or from scientific and university law texts. Because of its comment and analysis nature, nota a sentenza shares many features with another typical kind of law text: law research articles. To achieve the study purpose, I built a corpus of texts, made of note a sentenza, law research articles and judgements. This threefold structure aims to give the possibility to compare and match the nota a sentenza features with judgements and articles features. The analysis has a threefold nature too: beside a classical qualitative approach, I used quantitative method and statistical analysis of text units (a basically lexicometric approach). The collected data (especially quantitative ones), besides helping describing nota a sentenza and proving the starting assumption, could also be a useful support for other studies about language and texts of Italian jurisprudence.

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