Muccini, Filippo <1978>
Potential fields study of Marsili basin and Palinuro volcanic complex [Tesi di dottorato]
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, 2011-04-27

In this thesis Marsili back-arc basin and Palinuro Volcanic Complex (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) have been investigated by using magnetic, bathymetric and gravimetric data. A new velocity model of opening of the Marsili basin has been proposed, highlighting the transition from the horizontal spreading of the back-arc to the vertical accretion of the Marsili seamount. Introducing gravity data, Marsili's internal structure has been modeled and a huge portion of the volcano with low density and vanishing magnetization has been detected. Forward modeling of Palinuro Volcanic Complex showed as Palinuro represents the shallowest evidence of a deep tectonic discontinuity and the possible transition domain between the oceanic crust of Marsili Basin and the continental crust related to the Appenninic chain.

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