Role of Immunoglobulins in Neonatal Sepsis [Tesi di dottorato]

Neonates, especially VLBW, are at high risk for sepsis related morbidity and mortality for immaturity of their immune system and invasive NICU practices. The paucity of immunoglobulins in preterm neonates consequently to the immaturity of immune system contributes to their high risk for systemic infection. The use of intravenous IgM enriched immunoglobulins, with higher antimicrobial activity than standard IgG, has been demonstrated in a retrospective study to reduce short term mortality in VLBW infant with proven sepsis. Larger, randomized prospective trials given the enormous burden of morbidity and mortality imposed by neonatal sepsis should urgently be addressed not only to validate this results but also to tailor the optimal scheme of treatment.

Capasso, Letizia
Borrelli, Angela Carla
Cerullo, Julia
Pisanti, R.
Figliuolo, C.
Izzo, Federica
Paccone, M.
Ferrara, Teresa
Lama, Silvia
Raimondi, Francesco

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