Manfredi, Giacomo
Perioperative anaphylactic risk score for risk-oriented premedication [Tesi di dottorato]

Basing on the current knowledge, this paper is aimed to review the core characteristics of the most relevant therapeutic agents (steroids and antihistamines), administered to prevent perioperative anaphylaxis. Moreover, the Authors propose the validation of a Global Anaphylactic Risk Score, built up by recording the individual scores related to the most relevant anaphylaxis parameters (i.e. medical history, symptoms and medication for asthma, rhinitis and urticaria etc) and by adding them on all together; the score could be used in the preoperative phase to evaluate the global anaphylactic risk and to prescribe risk-oriented premedication protocols.

Pezzuto, Francesco
Balestrieri, Antonella
Lo Schiavo, Mario
Montera, Maria Carmela
Pio, Antonio
Iannelli, M.
Gargano, Domenico
Bianchi, M.J.
Casale, Giuseppe
Galimberti, Maurizio
Triggiani, Massimo
Piazza, Ornella

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