Mancinelli, Mattia Mancinelli
Linear and non linear coupling effects in sequence of microresonators [Tesi di dottorato]
University of Trento, 2013-03-25

My work was carried out with the aim of devising and characterize novel integrated devices for signal routing in optical networks on chip. Several type of optical microresonators, both in a single and coupled configuration (CROW, SCISSOR), are discussed starting from the fundamental theory till dealing with novel configurations. The coupling between a Mach-Zehnder interferometer and such configuration of microresonators is also investigated. Since the used material platform is the silicon on insulator (SOI), an in depth study of the microresonators behaviour has demanded an investigation in both in the linear and non-linear regime. All devices were fabricated through a standard CMOS facility by using deep UV lithography in order to verify the reliability of resolution and throughput similar to those required for commercial applications. Particular attention has been paid in the study of structures robust with respect to manufacturing defects. All the steps necessary to develop a device for integrated optics are studied in deep: device conception, device simulations through analytic and FEM simulations, GDS mask design, experimental characterizations. All the devices parameters are carefully reported to allow the reproduction of the experimental results. Where it was possible, suggestions on how to improve the fabricated devices performance were given.

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Pavesi, Lorenzo Pavesi

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