Fiori, Valeria
Valutazione degli effetti sul suolo di interventi di ripristino e gestione forestale in aree a rischio di desertificazione [Tesi di dottorato]
Università degli studi di Sassari, 2013-01-17

The effects on soil of different environmental strategies used for recovering a forest degraded area, located in south Sardinia (CA, Pula, Pixinamanna), at risk desertification, were assessed. The main characteristic of areas of study are: no managed area; self restoration; recent stone pine and cork oak plantation in areas affected by forest fire; reforestation of pine thinned. The assessment of capabilities of soils was carried out through the approach known as Landscape Function Analysis (LFA), based on the study of areas of accumulation of nutrients (patch) and areas with no nutrients accumulation (interpatch). Texture, bulck density, organic C, active C, total N, phosphates, pH, CSC and exchangeable cations were also determined. Both LFA indices and chemical indicators showed lower values in the burnt area. Self restoration area compared with Pinus sp. planted area showed lower but not statistically different LFA indices and higher accumulation of total N, organic C, active C, phosphates and exchangeable Ca. Comparing patch and interpatch LFA indices, the results showed significant statistically differences. The other physico-chemical indicators did not revealed differences from patch and interpatch. All LFA indices were correlated and with physico-chemical. While they were negatively correlated with bulk density. In conclusion, the integration of the two methods provides useful information to monitoring the soil status in different management areas.

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