Ligas, Simone
Teorie, interpretazioni e metodi dell'antropologia visuale [Tesi di dottorato]
Università degli studi di Sassari, 2014-03-14
The following work aims at addressing the problems inherent in visual anthropology, especially with regard to the approach to the techniques of documentary and reportage photography. Also we want to provide a bibliography , organized in a synchronic , in which there is no division between photography and documentary. <br>In order to address such research will analyze the technical evolution of the camera.</br> In the historiography it was decided to begin the study of the graphic representations of the diaries or the works of travelers and missionaries. You will be taken to the first attempts to approach to ethnographic photography and filming. The third chapter is almost completely focused on the figure of Ernesto de Martino and filmmakers and photographers who have worked with him. A paragraph is focused on Sardinia documentary. <br>The last chapter deals with the techniques of visual anthropology through the analysis of the techniques used , the types of documentaries, on the basis of these considerations, the proposal offers a possible approach to documentary.</br> Will end up being two modes of image production as family photography and reportage, two kinds derived respectively from amateur photography and journalism, which are of great interest as containers of ethnographic data that can be called "passive" because it does not born to ethnographic interest. .
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