Sandri, Matteo
The Gutzwiller Approach to out-of-equilibrium correlated fermions [Tesi di dottorato]
SISSA, 2014-11-04T07:38:59Z

Correlated electron systems represent a wide class of materials which at equilibrium display fascinating properties. Several recent experimental breakthroughs in the field of femtosecond spectroscopy and cold atomic gases allow nowadays to investigate the real time dynamics of these many-body quantum systems. Since strongly correlated systems usually escape single particle approaches, the theoretical study of their dynamics constitutes a formidable problem which necessitates the development of novel techniques. In this Thesis we investigate the out-of-equilibrium physics of simple paradigmatic models that are believed to capture some essential physics of interacting fermions by means of the time dependent extension of the Gutzwiller Variational Approach. After an introductory Chapter on the recent results in this field, in Chapter 2 we present the Gutzwiller Approach in-and-out of equilibrium. In Chapter 3 we investigate the dynamics for the single band Hubbard model after a linear ramp of the Coulomb interaction. We will show that a dynamical transition appears for any duration of the ramp; this dynamical point is adiabatically connected to the zero temperature Metal-to-Insulator transition. We will then consider the role of quantum fluctuations beyond mean field. In Chapter 4 we consider the dynamics of an initial antiferromagnetic state under a quench of the interaction in the single band fermionic Hubbard model. We will show that non-thermal ordered states survive more than expected and that two different nonequilibrium antiferromagnets can be distinguished. Finally in Chapter 5 we will consider a two-band Hubbard model which we believe captures the main physics of the paradigmatic compound vanadium sesquioxide, V2 O3 . After an investigation of the equilibrium properties for this model, we will provide evidences that non-thermal metallic phases can emerge upon an excitation of a Mott insulator.

Fabrizio, Michele

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