Muniz Perez, Julio Cesar
Europa e Catasto [Tesi di dottorato]

We study first the different cadastral systems in the EU countries and their perspective in the European Law context, especially in their tax law aspect and about the different building tax system. We talk about the most important aspect, taxation, and the European Union?s influence, particularly the European Court. But not only speak about the influence in the Member state?s building tax, also find another influences ways, with some European policies. All these aspects and another show a tendency to the cadastral integration, not direct, but existent in the indirect way. About other aspects, the study holds the dual nature of the cadastre, social (like social science), and their tax aspect, and technic nature. The Inspire information net can generate a new way to the tax information exchange between European countries. The investigation end with a comparison of the different cadastral systems in EU countries, and about the edification tax law too. This report holds the tax nature of the cadastre, the need to be considered like social-technic complex. Diverse international organization consider that is a multipurpose instrument and institution, but seem to forget their original purpose, their tax purpose, that was the central aspect in their origin and that don can`t be forget in the new world that raises after the world financial crisis.

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