Gli antroponimi nel Catalogo delle donne. Percorsi storici e geografici della tradizione epica [Tesi di dottorato]

The dissertation delves into the origin of the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women and strives to illuminate the relationship between this genealogical epic poem and the Homeric tradition. The study focuses in particular on personal names, which are the most distinctive element of this poem. The examination of personal names allows the author to conclude that both the poem’s contents and language (at least in its final version) ultimately reflect a Greek Northwestern milieu and, further, to argue that the Catalogue of Women is an arresting example of an intersection between two different poetic traditions: an archaic one, handed down at a local level in Locris (or nearby), and a later one, Ionic-Homeric, but by then Panhellenic.

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Cassio, Albio Cesare

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