Ferrari, Marco
Design of light hybrid vehicles suited to urban and sub-urban mobility [Tesi di dottorato]

The problems of pollution, traffic jam and lack of energy sources are becoming more and more important and for these reasons there is a significant development of electric and hybrid vehicles. The introduction of an electric or hybrid propulsion system in a small vehicle is a challenge because some heavy and voluminous components have to be accommodated in a narrow room and because the dynamic behavior of a two- three-wheeled vehicle is strongly influenced by the added masses. This thesis deals with propulsion systems suited to light hybrid vehicles. In the first part of the thesis an overview on different kind of hybrid configurations is given. Then a careful analysis on the dynamic behavior of light vehicles with particular emphasis on three-wheeled vehicles is presented. The second part of the thesis shows an analytical model of the reluctance machine aimed both to simplify the designing and to minimize the torque ripple. In the third part three cases study are presented: a range extender three-wheeled vehicle, a human-electric three-wheeled velomobile and a mild-hybrid motorcycle

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