Quaranta, Barbara
Politics, translation, democracy. The case of the 2012 Egyptian Constitution and its translation into English [Tesi di dottorato]
Università degli studi del Molise, 2015-06-01T06:45:37Z

My research is aimed at evaluating whether, how and to what extent the concept of democracy acquires different meanings according to the cultural context in which it is used. Democracy nowadays is considered the only acceptable form of government and is also held to be a universal value that everyone should pursue in such a way that the concept cannot be questioned in any case. On the other hand, the concept's capability to include different lifestyles and demands coming from other cultures is still broadly debated. It is thus extremely difficult, if not impossible, to come to a shared definition of democracy, and, on the contrary, well-established definitions are being questioned and made more complex by highlighting some of their contradictory points. In the present work I will analyse the transfer of the concept of democracy in other cultural contexts using a translational approach to find out how translation influences such relocation. In the first chapter a brief account of the establishment of the modern notion of liberal democracy as the mainstream normative political model is given in order to introduce the problematic aspects in the transfer of the theory of liberal democracy. In the second chapter, the notion of equivalence in translation is questioned and its political asymmetrical nature described to uncover its political capacity to negotiate the amount of newness and foreignness to be introduced into a culture. I provide the theoretical framework of my translational approach to the analysis of political concepts, in an interdisciplinary shape, including philosophy, literature, and linguistics. In the third chapter, after an introduction to the concept of democracy and to the questioning of normative political theory in postcolonial and Arab scholars, I present Baker's socio-narrative theory to analyse the case study. Finally, I examine the political implications of the term 'democracy' in the case of an English translation of the 2012 Egyptian Constitution.

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Monceri, Flavia

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