Hume Llamosas, Alethia Graciela
Distributed Contact and Identity Management [Tesi di dottorato]
University of Trento, 2014-04-11

Contact management is a twofold problem involving a local and global level where the separation between them is rather fuzzy. Locally, users need to deal with contact management, which refers to a local need to store, organize, maintain up to date, and find information that will allow them contacting or reaching other people, organizations, etc. Globally, users deal with identity management that refers to peers having multiple identities (i.e., profiles) and the need of staying in control of them. In other words, they should be able to manage what information is shared and with whom. We believe many existing applications try to deal with this problem looking only at the data level and without analyzing the underlying complexity. Our approach focus on the complex social relations and interactions between users, identifying three main subproblem: (i) management of identity, (ii) search, and (iii) privacy. The solution we propose concentrates on the models that are needed to address these problems. In particular, we propose a Distributed Contact Management System (DCM System) that: Models and represents the knowledge of peers about physical or abstract objects through the notion of entities that can be of different types (e.g., locations, people, events, facilities, organizations, etc.) and are described by a set of attributes; By representing contacts as entities, allows peers to locally organize their contacts taking into consideration the semantics of the contact’s characteristics; By describing peers as entities allows them to manage their different identities in the network, by sharing different views of themselves (showing possibly different in- formation) with different people. The contributions of this thesis are, (i) the definition of a reference architecture that allows dealing with the diversity in relation with the partial view that peers have of the world, (ii) an approach to search entities based on identifiers, (iii) an approach to search entities based on descriptions, and (iv) the definition of the DCM system that instantiates the previously mentioned approaches and architecture to address concrete usage scenarios.

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