Beretic, Nada
Production of space: reproduction of mining landscape in Sardinia [Tesi di dottorato]
Universita' degli studi di Sassari, 2018
The research examined mining landscape in Sardinia (Geo-mining, Historical and Environmental Park in Sardinia) as a place for everyday living. Developed within the theoretical framework of ‘production of space’ and cultural landscape concept it challenged place to identify and public participation in heritage conservation. Topic-specific theoretical principles and cases of practice have shown central role of everyday life routine and public participation in making-decision process for long-term heritage sustainability. Comprehensive elaboration of mining landscape in Sardinia confirmed domination of abstract space (bureaucracy and economy - mining industry in the past) that has modelled the landscape ever since. Productive synthesis of theoretical findings and international practices complemented the guidelines for the Sardinian case. Reproduction model illustrated components to the interpretative, evaluative and transformative value of mining landscape in Sardinia. Place identity (bound of place and people) is vital for reproduction of mining landscape in Sardinia as a place for living and loving. Both theory and practice, suggest territoriality of place-specific identities. The development principles focused rethinking the heritage conception on the regional level but starting from and with the local community. Research suggests more amplification of everyday life practices for a particular site of the mining landscape in Sardinia..
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