Using a clinical process consultation in interpersonal skills training: the impact of symbolic and affective dimensions on learning outcomes in organizations [Tesi di dottorato]

This work focuses on some key features of psychological and clinical approach when working in organizational contexts, in order to identify original factors of effectiveness of experiential training in interpersonal skills development. The research starts by conceptualizing Affective Investment and Affective Symbolizations, and validating a tool to measure them (Work-SMS) in chapter 1. The validation of a tool to measure short and long terms learning outcomes (Q4TE) follows in chapter 2. Eventually, a longitudinal in vivo study with a sample of 137 training attendees completes the work in chapter 3, highlighting the effects of the interaction among Affective Investment, Affective Symbolizations and Clinical approach in inter-personal skills training intervention. Indeed, Affective Investment and Affective Symbolizations, participants' expectations and a Clinical Process Consultation before the training resulted to be relevant predictors of short and long term learning and transfer outcomes.

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LANGHER, Viviana
valutatori esterni: Silvia Salcuni, Maria C. Quattropani, Marco Cacioppo
tutor esterno: Richard Little
Settore M-PSI/08 - - Psicologia Clinica

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