L'importanza di un approccio multidisciplinare coordinato nelle indagini sui monumenti dell'antichità [Tesi di dottorato]

An in-depth preliminary knowledge of a cultural heritage is necessary to protect and preserve the cultural heritage itself. For this purpose, today we can use a lot of methodologies developed by scholars of different disciplines: archaeologists, historians of Art, architects, engineers, biologists, chemists, physicists. Also two other new disciplines, Archaeoastronomy and Analysis of the geometries, can complete and integrate this knowledge. This work collects the results of the investigation on geometrical and numerical schemes and associated length units and on orientation and astronomical meaning of some artefact belonging to different eras: the hypogeal Neo-Pytagorean Basilica at Porta Maggiore in Roma and the Mithraea in Ostia Antica.

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MARAS, Adriana

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