Gestire la qualità dei servizi nell'ottica della multicanalità: un approccio integrato per misurare la customer satisfaction [Tesi di dottorato]

The Thesys aims to study the opportunities of benchmarking and improvement given to a public organization by the Customer Satisfaction Process Oriented Model (CS-ProMod) in order to measure citizen’s satisfaction for public services provided in multi-channelness. The main research question is to test the methodological assumptions of the CS ProMod Model and specifically to provide efficient information in order to improve public service satisfying citizens and measuring the service quality provided in an integrated multi-channel way (Cappelli et al. 2010). These hypothesis have been checked by a survey result analysis done in an Italian public Health Agency, which took place - in 2010 - in the model CS Pro Mod experimental stage. “Booking medical visit centre” - which supplies medical reservations in specific areas - was the survey object

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Lucchetti, Maria Claudia
Chiacchierini, Ernesto

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