D'Aronco, Sara
DHA synthesis during pregnancy and markers of lung injury in infants with acute lung diseases [Tesi di dottorato]

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an essential constituent of membrane cell phospholipids and a precursor of eicosanoid’s synthesis. During pregnancy, DHA is taken up from the maternal bloodstream and supplied to the fetus by placenta transfer. Maternal DHA intake, metabolism, and transfer are therefore crucial for fetal growth and development. In the first part of this thesis we aimed to evaluate the feasibility of measuring DHA endogenous synthesis in pregnant women using the stable isotope natural abundance approach. Alveolar surfactant is a key player in sustaining lung physiology. It’s well established that lack of surfactant, surfactant inhibition as well as changes in surfactant composition, can seriously compromise gas exchange and may lead to mechanical ventilation support. Thus, in the second part of this thesis we studied surfactant composition during acute lung disease in newborn infants. First we compared term newborns affected by neonatal pneumonia and without lung disease to clarify if surfactant proteins’ changes could have a role in the reduced pulmonary compliance observed in these patients. Finally, we studied if and how histological chorioamnionitis and gestational age affect surfactant composition in pre-term infants affected by RDS.

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