Interjections in original and dubbed American TV series [Tesi di dottorato]
Pisa University, 2012-05-15

In the first chapter, I delineated the main features of dubbed language concentrating on the dubbing constrains, i.e. synchronism and on the cultural constraints, i.e. the difficulty in translating cultural specific elements. In the second chapter, I focused on previous studies on interjections starting from the two main approaches, i.e. the one that does not consider interjection as words and the conceptualist approach, that considers interjections as words. In the third chapter, I explained how I built my corpus and I illustrated the parameters that I used to classify the interjections in my corpus. The third chapter deals with the functions of interjections in audiovisual language. I described the functions of each interjections I found in my corpus and I analysed the functions of the interjection oh when it occurs in combination with other elements. I analysed the relationship between interjections and gestures. In the last chapter, I analysed the translation of interjections in the dubbed versions of the TV series both from a quantitative and a qualitative point of view.

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Bruti, Silvia
Nicolai, Florida

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