Vignola, Cristiano
Lo studio degli isotopi del carbonio e dell'azoto per ricostruire cronologia, clima e agricoltura nell'Olocene medio ad Arslantepe (Anatolia) - Carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis reveals chronology, palaeoclimate and agricultural practices at Arslantepe (Turkey) during the mid-Holocene [Tesi di dottorato]

This PhD project has been carried out on plant remains recovered at the site of Arslantepe (Malatya, Turkey), whose research team the candidate is member. Excavations have been carried out by Sapienza University of Rome since 1961. Chronologically, the site can be placed as early as 4700 BC, when the first settlement so far investigated has been dated. The occupation is exceptionally long-term and continues until historical times. The archaeobotanical research at Arslantepe has been carried out for 35 years: several studies were focussed on huge amount of charcoal and seed/fruit remains. In the very last years complementary stable carbon isotope records from charred wood and cereal remains of 3400-2000 BC levels were established in order to describe climatic conditions and agricultural practices. The present research project aims firstly for the improvement of chronological framing by new 14C-AMS dates on plant remains. Secondly, the extension of stable carbon isotope analysis to charcoal and cereal remains from 4700 BC and the establishment of new nitrogen isotope records from cereal grains have to be ensued. As a result, the first high-resolution isotope records from an archaeological site of the Near East for the mid-Holocene have been achieved, displaying more than 2500 years of unfailing climate changes and agronomic conditions behind cultural developments. Specifically, the manuscript is a collection of several papers on archaeobotanical data from the study site, obtained by the candidate during his PhD. Formats are displayed as journal publications.

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