MCU-based controller for RON and VTH drifts evaluation in power devices [Tesi di dottorato]
Modena & Reggio Emilia University, 2019-10-22

In the last few years, compound semiconductor power devices have gained an increasing interest for high-power and high frequency applications. Unfortunately, a full exploitation of their capabilities is still limited by several critical issues, which cause a performance degradation when they operate in switch mode at high voltages. The recent literature has pointed out the presence of drift phenomena both in Ron and Vth, occurring in different time ranges, which are still under investigation. This kind of research typically requires dedicated measurement setups, since the characterization of the phenomena mentioned above should be performed over relatively long periods of time, at particular stress conditions and high voltages that could emulate a real device operating scenario. In this work, the author would like to present the results of a practical activity aimed at the realization of an MCU-based controller for high power devices characterization, capable of synchronizing different modules of the measurement system, and triggering the DSO in a logarithmic fashion, in order to avoid the saturation of its acquisition buffer but still maintaining the necessary definition in the time intervals of interest. Such device would allow an operator or a researcher to evaluate the DUT parameters gaining full control of the test modes, thanks to the flexible programmability of outputs, times, stress applied, and triggers for the acquisition system, thus providing an useful and versatile tool for this investigation.

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