Progetto digitale per spartiti, testi e note sugli allestimenti artistici nei documenti dell'Istituto Mazziniano di Genova [Tesi di dottorato]
Università degli studi di Genova, 2020-05-29

Starting from researching musical documents, most of them unpublished, at the “Mazzinian Archive Institute” in Genoa, my doctoral research will focus on a new, modern and innovative way to digitize music scores. My research is ideally divided into three phases: ▪  Archive research ▪  Examination and evaluation of the possibilities of digitizing ▪  Making a sound archive (“playing the archive”) The first step is completed, with a preliminary digitization of the unpublished scores stored in the archive. About the second phase, I would study and collect information from the academic field, and I was able to establish a dialogue with the National Archival System (SAN) to formalize a digital schedule which is compatible with the ministerial standards and usable on dedicated platforms (music archives The third and last step will be the realization of the sound archive, through the collaboration with the informatics department (Università degli Studi di Genova). This type of digitization generates a new way of using the scores themselves, which can go out of the purely musical scope to be included in the field of study at large, for example: cultural studies, media studies and anthropological field. In this paper I intend to present some case studies regarding sheet music and their use in a multidisciplinary way by researchers. This will open a new way of thinking and using the archive, and can be an opportunity to export the study of musical materials in other and complex fields.

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